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Online Data Backup

As information grows exponentially, backing it all up has the potential to be complicated, time consuming and costly.

Oncore IT offers a highly secure, simple to set up remote backup service using a best-in-class technology platform so you can safeguard your critical data against damage or loss. Using the cloud to backup crucial data for the day-to-day running of the business can be a practical solutions for your data.

Oncore IT, provides

  • Cloud-based pay-to-store managed service.
  • Save data over the Internet to offsite disk storage with complete confidence.
  • Ultra-secure and fast information recovery.
  • Guaranteed service level agreements that are second to none.

Oncore IT data backup and restore: A comprehensive, feature rich, cost effective enterprise backup and restore service that ensures that if systems go down, your business won’t too. Our online backup solutions can make old tape-based systems obsolete and reduce the need and over reliance on expensive equipment and a dedicated in-house data vault and pricey IT team.

Data Recovery from the Cloud when you want it, where you need it

After undertaking a complete data audit and discovery process so you can see what information you’re storing on your LAN, we’ll create tailored archival and recovery strategy for your business.

  • Business data devalues as it ages so we adopt Backup Lifecycle Management principals along with multi-tiered storage to enable data to be restored within a time period appropriate to its value, and budgets available.
  • We can backup everything: office documents, email, applications, server configuration, and operating systems, the lot.
  • Setting up Oncore IT remote backup is easy. Only one “agent” needs to be installed on your premises to collect data from all servers, desktops, laptops, network or local drives, applications and systems on your LAN.  Additional modules can be added which offer remote online data backup capability for information held on smartphones and tablets.
  • Data is then de-duplicated, encrypted, compressed and transmitted to our Highly Secure Data Centre fully resilient data centres in London – and replicated in Amsterdam for total security – and monitored by some of the best system engineers around.

The result?  A comprehensive, feature rich, cost effective enterprise backup and restore service that ensures that if systems go down, your business won’t too.

Recovery is everything.

Asigra Cloud Backup™ transforms the way businesses manage and protect their data by delivering seamless end-to-end data protection that efficiently scales and easily adapts to any IT environment.

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Online Data Backup
at a glance...

  • Over 200 TB of client data managed in our vault
  • Continuous data protection so files are backed up and available in real-time based on your recovery time needs
  • Agentless cloud backup resulting in simple installation and management
  • Fully certified encryption up to AES 256-bit
  • Data de-duplication and compression
  • Full support for multiple generations of data
  • Data held in London and backed up to Amsterdam for resilience

IT support services

IT support is a key part of our business and a major requirement of any organisation. We’re passionate about providing the highest level of support whatever solution or service we provide for you.

Our UK based team are on hand whenever you need them and our flexible service level agreements can be completely tailored to provide exactly the response your business demands.

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