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IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service presents a method of hosting your business IT systems on our platforms, using the very latest virtualisation technologies and tenancy options.

Oncore IT’s cloud infrastructure platform built using industry leading converged technology from Hitachi Data Systems, Brocade and VMware delivering a comprehensive Enterprise Service.

IaaS is a fundamental service model allowing companies involved to access much needed and essential resources from the cloud for the day to day running of a business. Many businesses have problems, issues and ambitions where moving to the cloud is an answer to make their IT work harder for the business objectives. Our infrastructure as a service solutions offer a practical alternative. Outsource essential components used to support operations, including networking, hardware and storage, reduce the burden and responsibility for running and maintaining an in-house system.

The solutions and benefits of IaaS include the ability for IT solutions to be easily scaled if required, which makes it a cost effective model whether a relatively small business or a larger firm. Some of the additional benefits can include:

  • Reducing IT costs
  • Outsourcing maintenance responsibilities
  • Reduce management time for updates
  • Support operations for networking, hardware, storage and more
  • Ensure that IT can be accessed from everywhere
  • Adding redundancy, resilience, scalability & agility to your IT without the need to make an expensive investment in infrastructure

When cloud based solutions is your answer we work to design a bespoke service and solutions that maps to your unique business, technical and resource requirements.


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IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service
at a glance...

  • Hosted business applications and data
  • No capital expenditure overheads
  • Cost and availability benefits of cloud infrastructure
  • Unique solutions for your business requirements
  • Easily scalable as your business changes
  • Outsourced maintenance & updating

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