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Managed email

Keeping email up and running 24/7 whatever the net throws at you.

Oncore IT’s managed email service offers a powerful, dynamic solution against spam, viruses and malware by continually monitoring messages in and out of your organisation.

Our email maintenance solutions offers an easy way to keep one of your companies main forms of communications functioning at all times, with rapid disaster recovery time.

  • Powered by Cisco IronPort technology
  • Requiring no software configuration on your own systems to activate, a minor DNS setting change is all that’s needed for your email to be defended.
  • As well as checking email content and context, IronPort uses SenderBase® to score every IP address that sends an email – the lower the score, the more suspect the sender.
  • SenderBase® is the world’s largest email and web traffic monitoring network and database which collects data on more than 25% of the world’s email traffic and provides a real-time view on security threats.

While improving corporate security is an obvious benefit, Oncore IT’s managed email service truly comes into its own to provide a compelling and complementary solution in a disaster situation when systems go down and email restoration is required immediately – crucial given the vast majority of business communication is transported by email. We’ve outlined some of the valuable components of a successful email management service in Email management: understanding the key issues.

Irrespective of whether you are a large or small customer, when we move, rebuild or recover your systems, because we know the IP addresses of your ‘new’ email servers, we can get you up and running in a instant without mail exchanger (MX) records having to update which can often take 48 hours.

Guaranteed automatic email availability and top-class security; that’s the hallmark of Online Defence Email from Oncore IT.

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Managed email
at a glance...

  • Ultra-reliable email provision
  • Sophisticated spam and malware protection
  • Rapid disaster recovery
  • Cisco IronPort proven technology

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