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Remote Monitoring

A bespoke active network monitoring and fix solution, our monitoring automatically checks key performance indicators on your network to assess the status of devices or applications. A practical cloud solution for both small and large organisations.

In contrast to proprietary solutions from OEMs, Oncore IT remote monitoring solution is unique as it assesses your whole environment enabling the following checks to be made.

Active Network Monitoring

System health: From hardware, fans, discs and power supplies, PReSS shows when a server or device is no longer ‘healthy’;

Systems availability: While server uptime is a preoccupation for many, this doesn’t mean a system is available and actually functioning.  PReSS notifies technical staff if a system is not responding.

System purpose: PReSS assesses whether key services like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, web, and file and print servers are working so fixes can be made before a system becomes unresponsive and not fit for purpose.

Comprising over 10 years worth of development investment our Proactive Remote Engineering Support Service allows us to monitor your equipment on site or in our data centres so you

  • Avoid system downtime;
  • Maximise system performance;
  • Enhance organisational productivity.

It will proactively manage your infrastructure so outages don’t occur in the first place or remedial or repair work can be planned if issues are found. Active network monitoring is a way to ease the burden and resource to your current IT infrastructure.

Our remote network monitoring solution is fully integrated with our call logging system and with our portal providing customers the ability to see fault status, call statistics and schematics of supported systems.

If you would like to learn more, or view some of our current ongoing relationships with clients view our industry case studies. Alternatively contact us, if you are interested in remote monitoring for your business and we can help create the ideal solution based on your needs and specification.


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Remote Monitoring
at a glance...

  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Device level problem diagnostics
  • Proactive management to stop issues before they occur
  • Call logging integration and schematic reporting

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