Oncore IT News - 15 March 2021

5 Ways to Ensure Your IT is Ready for The Months Ahead

Working from home is here to stay and many companies have decided to continue with many of the solutions they have adopted.

With change on the horizon and a year’s worth of experience using remote working solutions, now is a good time to take stock of current setups and have an IT ‘spring clean’ to ensure you are maximising user productivity and systems are secure and protected.

Get your IT in order – home working is here to stay

Most companies are making the best of home working, but if there are any niggling pain points impacting productivity now is the time to sort them out as the return to mass office working is still uncertain, and for many may never return.

Pay attention to business-critical systems and infrastructure that has not already been optimised to support the remote workforce long-term. Whether it’s secure file syncing and sharing, easy access to technical support for employees or deploying a managed cloud service to support changing business needs, keeping IT systems and processes in order need to remain a top priority.  

Protect your data – it’s more important than ever

Cyber attacks of every kind are on the rise with criminals taking advantage of remote workforces and unmanaged endpoint devices to gain access to corporate networks. Without adequate cybersecurity awareness and solutions in place, organisations are in danger of losing valuable data.

While this can seriously affect customers and customer relationships, it also puts companies at risk of heavy fines due to security regulations, including GDPR. New Year means new threats, so don’t leave the cyber security spring clean too late.  

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have a valuable role to play

MSPs have already proven their worth to companies during the pandemic, enabling them to transfer seamlessly to remote working models by implementing or managing their IT systems and processes.

Now, as IT estates remain in a state of flux, MSPs will prove to be even more valuable, offering the economies of scale that companies will rely on to manage IT operations, cloud computing and security. The support and expertise they provide along with built-in flexibility is an essential resource.

Business continuity is vital

If 2020 onwards has taught us anything it’s that even with the best laid plans anything can happen, so it’s critical to have business continuity processes in place. All businesses rely on the availability of their systems and to ensure that this is possible even in the event of a breach or a disaster, a combination of business continuity and infrastructure solutions is needed.

These can include remote access VPN, data recovery or a remote desktop solution to ensure work can continue uninterrupted. Whatever the circumstances, planning ahead for the worst case scenario reduces the impact of a disaster but also the risk of exposing company directors to compliance or regulatory liability.

Don’t be afraid to seek expert support

Support for core systems is essential, especially if you want to keep your team working productively. IT support needs to extend to wherever people are and whatever system they are using. Now is the moment to ensure support is in place to monitor and rectify issues when and if they arise and that your organisation has the level of support suitable to your business needs.

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