Oncore IT News - 22 December 2014

Bringing in the New Year in Business

The end of the year tends to be a symbolic time for people, making a review of the previous year and making changes to put into action going into the new year.  The same can be said for businesses also – giving the opportunities to implement any ideas that have previously been on the back burner.

Although the start of the tax year is in April which is typically the normal year end, January is a good time to get your staff up to speed with any new up and coming changes, as well as helping to achieve your overall goal.

A number of UK firms are hoping to expand going into 2015, taking on more employees, which shows a significant improvement for business growth. If you are one of those organisations wanting to expand or improve your business, maybe it’s time to adopt new and improved technologies.

With more and more businesses adopting cloud based technologies today, with more adoption suggested ahead, how about considering the move to a managed cloud service, using services such as online data backup and server hosting, as well as minimising overall IT expenditure.

Cloud solutions can be solutions for both SMEs and larger enterprises, giving the opportunity to scale, based on the business size and requirements.

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