Oncore IT News - 21 July 2014

Cloud Adoption for the Health Sector

Cloud adoption within most sectors and organisations does have its benefits and drawbacks, with any major move toward new technologies there is sometimes resistance, involving a number of variables and cultures within that particular sector. The healthcare service is one example of this; this post will be looking at the adoption for healthcare organisations, using case studies from the United States, with a predominantly private healthcare system to see if this is something that is likely to be considered by our own health service.

According to HIMSS Analytics, a research body for the healthcare industry has noted that around 83% of healthcare organisations in the US report using cloud based applications and services; with SaaS based solutions discovered being the most popular. Overall the numbers generated from the survey show promising figures for the cloud, with a remainder of the survey sample showing 9% of organisations intend to adopt services, with only 6% who do not intend to be using the technology at all.

Overall SaaS solutions are being used by 67% of healthcare companies, showing this service as the most popular form, followed by IaaS. The main catalyst for such a move has initially been the cost saving on running traditional IT maintenance, reducing the reliance on in-house support and speed of deployment.

One of the main factors in slowing down the move to cloud based services is the sensitivity of data that it contains, although this is shared by a number of different industries when it comes to, keeping private sensitive patient data is crucial, along with the huge financial impact that it could have if the data were to leak into the wrong hands. A lot of companies also didn’t like the thought of having all resource and systems in house.

Moving Forward

The need to look ahead for the healthcare sector is crucial in providing a better service to patients, making information and data more accessible to healthcare providers bringing together team-based, collaborative style care. As well as reducing the large cost associated with current paper based systems for some companies. In our next post we’ll focus more on what our own health service is doing in the cloud computing realm, assessing if the NHS is able to adopt such services.

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