Oncore IT News - 15 July 2014

Cloud Backup vs Tape Backup

The cloud computing sector understands the importance of phasing out outdated systems and infrastructure, after all, technology is forever changing and improving for the better, with cloud based services surrounding our personal lives, making it easy to back up photographs and personal documents for free or a small fee from a PC, tablet or mobile phone. We have slowly learned the value of having our information saved securely, as well as being able to access data from anywhere. When it comes to business, the principle is the same, whether it is a collection of family photos or important business critical client and management data cloud backup can be the way forward for some businesses.

Disk and tape based storage has traditionally been the bread and butter of back-up for many years, and to some extent a relatively reliable method, that has worked for years. It’s now that businesses are appreciating the speed of newer technologies. The drawback of tap based backup is the need for disaster recover, as it is common for businesses to keep information secure but onsite, although disasters are typically uncommon it can only take one disaster in the lifetime of a business to do irreparable damage to long-standing irreplaceable data.

Relocating tape data offsite also has additional costs in terms of compliance and security as well as creating issues regarding transportation to and from storage facilities and security of the offsite location, providing training for personnel is also a small drawback whereas using a dedicated system and cloud provider will assure consistent and professional services.

Adopting Both Technologies

Some companies that are generally happy with disk or tape based storage, but also see the short and long term benefits of using newer technologies often adopt both forms of back-up to some degree. Storing smaller day-to-day information on local storage making it a good option for quick recovery and control, whilst backing up more critical and archived data to the cloud.

How Reliable?

Being a physical entity, tapes and disks are particularly failure-prone and are susceptible to damage through poor handling and the occasionally the environment that it is placed in. It is common for some companies to not test their backups which could often result in a failed recovery. Cloud based backup on the other hand, the data is stored on a remote server making it accessible any time and from any location. A small disadvantage using cloud based backup is the initial configuration time it will take to upload the first full backup, following this backups are provided automatically at the times that best suits the specification of your business.


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