Oncore IT News - 07 July 2014

Cloud Computing – A Solution for Law Firms

Following on from our recent contract and client relationship with Fasken Martineau a leading international litigation and business law firm, we wanted to delve a little deeper into this particular sector of business. Oncore IT has recently provided an encrypted online backup solution for the London based office, using the Asigra technology. Although there are much tougher regulations in place for these types of businesses throughout the world due to the sensitivity of materials and possible perceived security risks, cloud based technology is none-the-less being increasing adopted by related law firms.

Cloud adoption in the UK throughout all sectors of business has increased, due to end user satisfaction flexibility and cost-savings that cloud solutions offer, but within law the majority of businesses have been hesitant to adopt until relatively recently.

The cloud can help aid law firms, the benefit of being able to access data when it’s physically unreachable, during the 2012 Hurricane Sandy in the US, law firms and staff were unable to get into their offices, whose paper-based information and digital data was stored and backed-up in-house, which restricted their services to clients. Although this is only extreme example of con being able to get access to data, the principle still remains. Law firms need to stay up-to-date like any industry.

Typically law firms would traditionally use physically secure systems, in a secure room or storage area, using cloud based services can help free up this space and allow the firms to reduce costs of hiring dedicated IT managers, or spending money on infrastructure to cater for this.

Disaster recovery is also a solution that can help with certain circumstances such as the Hurricane Sandy, a power cut or any other unanticipated event, using a cloud-based practice solution. Another benefit for large firms that work internationally, or require collaborative requirements for people based throughout different locations is the ability to secure access information from any internet access where staff may be, further reducing any unnecessary administration costs.

Admittedly, using cloud technologies isn’t a solution for every law firm due to the nature of the business, but technology innovators such as Peppermint Technology have produced a cloud application for law firms. They made the observation that for decades the legal sector has been considered to be slightly behind compared to other industries, but due to the changing shape of the market in recent years, the legal industry has taken a lead when it comes to adopting technology and using innovative ideas.

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