Oncore IT News - 02 June 2014

Cloud Computing Upcoming Events

There are a number of IT and cloud computing conferences coming up during 2014, we’ve focused on a handful of some of the exhibitions going on throughout the UK Over the next 6 months.

Cloud World Forum – 17th-18th June

One of the industry’s leading cloud information events bringing together over 8000 representatives, from more than 60 countries with more than 190 cloud solution providers. The world forum will feature key discussions and talks into the cloud revolution, gathering key players in the industry from SMEs, multinationals, regulators analysts and more. This event is being held at the Olympia National Hall London.

Open Stack and the Future of Open Source Cloud – 15th July

This coming July sees a joint event from Open Source Specialist Group and Internet Specialist Group, which focuses on the current developments and cloud solutions. Discussing examples of technologies being used and the current infrastructure in place of new and developing ideas. This event is running between 6.30pm-8.00pm at The Davidson Building in London.

CISG2014 – 12th-14th November

Looking at some the impact of service models and how traditional roles are changing for companies adopting cloud based solutions. The sector has seen everything from remarkable success stories to a merry-go-round of restructures and merged or de-merged services shout about what a difference we make to our organisations and businesses. The Conference will be supported by many partners and vendors who will be exhibiting their sector relevant solutions and contributing their view on how corporate systems will continue to deliver service and improved user experiences. This event is held at The Midland in Manchester.


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