Oncore IT News - 11 March 2014

Why Cloud Integration is a Sensible Solution for Businesses

For a large majority of organisations moving to the cloud reduces the costs associated with maintaining in-house hardware and software systems, this can be a very desirable benefit for large companies, as well as SMEs for a variety of business applications. We’ll outline some of the characteristics that make cloud based solutions a practical idea for businesses.


When updating software and hardware systems for a business, the capital investment needed for this when applying throughout an organisation can be quite significant. With managed cloud services your business only have to be concerned about the requirements for your applications rather the operating system and hardware that these programs are resting on.

For larger organisations these cost savings can be significant, similar relative cost savings can also be shared by SMEs at both ends of the spectrum, saving cost of running software for a dozen computers, through to many thousands dependant on your businesses specification. The driving down of this cost is a value that businesses can’t ignore about the benefits of cloud migration.

Flexibility & Access

An ideal benefit and aided over time due to the development of some technologies and the growing technological infrastructure has allowed a wider group of people to connect online, as well as the growing number of people using tablet and mobile devices on the move, is the flexibly and ease of using cloud based services. Embracing the cloud for storage of data gives the flexibility for organisations to allow staff to work from anywhere, or from other offices located in different cities across the world.

As well as the physical flexibility, the digital aspects of using cloud based services means that businesses need only pay for the storage that it is using, rather than spending money on redundant resources. The size requirements can easily be adjusted based on the business needs. Further, the need for new resources is no longer a barrier to progress.


There is a lingering consensus within business communities that organisations are not completely comfortable with migrating software and data that is often business-critical to the cloud. The need for the move to such services are dependent on the industry culture and needs, many organisations within the IT sector, as well as companies within the financial services sector have seen the benefit from moving to secure remote working. Due to a handful of high-profile cyber-attacks, some companies are still critical of the perceived security of cloud based services.

If you are considering a cloud based solution for your business, here at Oncore IT we understand that there is no one size fits all solution, we’ll tailor services suited to your businesses needs and requirements contact us to discuss the options that are available or the core services that Oncore IT can offer. For further examples of some of the solutions that we have helped develop for clients from various sectors of business, view our case studies.


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