Oncore IT News - 05 September 2014

Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Business

There are many cloud computing solutions out there on the market for a typical small business. Offering web-based SaaS applications that are often available for a free trial or a small subscription. Even if you are a small business working from home with a couple of employees there are some basic applications that are common for general domestic use which have grown in popularity, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and a massive amount of services offered by companies, which are often limited to only a few gigabits of space. Although SaaS, IaaS and PaaS solutions from third party companies encompass a large amount of services ranging from CRM, accounting, platform and networking solutions finding the right company to work with is paramount when understanding your business and IT needs.

These popular, high profile solutions may be well and good for less sensitive information, or for maybe arranging a private event with a group of people or uploading the occasion image of document to share, but for a small company that works with sensitive customer information, or a larger amount of data these well known brands can often give you so much functionality.

Trusting any sensitive information to a third party company located off-site can be a little daunting to some organisations, larger companies sometimes adopt a hybrid cloud approach when implementing it into their systems offer the benefits of having data saved locally, whilst backing up safely externally.

When taking a step toward adopted a completely reliable cloud solution for your small business it’s important to go with a company that really knows your needs and requirements, as the best cloud services are tailored to your specification. Some of the benefits of doing this include a cost effective option that can be offered on a pay as you go basis, or typically with a monthly subscription based on your needs, based around the software and hardware requirements you’re looking for. Cloud based computing enables a quick way to manage and deploy applications easily, giving your company what you need when you need it.

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