Oncore IT News - 30 June 2020

Cyber security best practices for businesses

According to a recent cyber security survey, 46% of UK businesses suffered a cyber attack in the previous twelve months, costing on average £3,000. This is a cost that each business could do without in this current economic climate.

With cyber criminals exploiting this time of mass remote working to find new avenues of attack, now more than ever it’s important to have strong cyber security in place for your business.

The best tip to prevent cyber attacks? Communication.

There are many technology solutions to protect different elements of your business, from data protection to email spam filters, but technology is only part of the solution. Educating employees is key. Communicate the importance of being cyber aware by providing education, clear guidance and training – especially for those working from home.

Phishing attacks look for vulnerabilities in the network, taking advantage of distracted employees and a lack of knowledge in the hope that they click on a link or open an attachment without thinking.  During this time, employees may be preoccupied so it’s important to ensure everybody is aware of what to look out for. 

If the worst happens, employees should know how to report security issues to ensure they are dealt with promptly and to mitigate the damage.

Below are some additional tips to keep your business network secure:

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