Data Backup Solutions from Leading Industry Vendors

Accidents and incidents involving sensitive business data can happen in any sector of business, whether it’s theft, loss, fire within your building or from a neighbouring complex, environmental or geographical issues such as flooding and corruption from some form of damaging malware, the concept of using reliable and cost-effective back-up solutions has never been so important for a large or medium sized organisation.

Due to the increasing needs and demands for storing a huge amount of data. No matter what sector, from financial services that store a large amount of personal and financial data, through to electronic storage of historical documents for archiving, the need and importance to keep a safe and consistent back-up is always there.

We use back-up technologies from leading cloud computing software vendors such as Asigra, Hitachi and more, Asigra is one of the leading business-class backup service provider ecosystems in the world and is recognised by leading analyst firms such as Gartner and Forrester as a top cloud storage vendor. Since the mid 80’s , Asigra has been the leading innovator within the cloud backup and recovery markets.

Backup, Backup, Backup

Traditional methods of back-up systems for business, including tape back-ups required periodic, which at times could be prone to human errors such as the IT technician being off sick, or a unorganised department. Cloud based solutions eliminates the shortcomings of tape based back-up which are often more expensive, and vulnerable to being stolen when being transported off-site. Recovering important data from a tape system can be a slow process, which can be particularly damaging for companies that require important information immediately.

Practical recovery and restore solutions from vendors such as Asigra can support servers, virtual machines, desktop computers smart devices and tablets, and on a number of platforms and applications, which makes it a logical and practical decision to move to these types of technologies. Such methods can take advantage of existing technological infrastructure of a company, with no need to install often expensive equipment, with back-up software seamlessly integrating with existing IT environments.

If you are not convinced by the reduced operating and administrative costs as well as the flexibility that offers a secure, scalable and reliable solution, contact us, we’ll be happy to discuss the best option for your organisation.

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