Oncore IT News - 26 November 2014

Disaster Recovery for New Firms

We are becoming more dependent on IT for the general day to day running of businesses no matter what the sector. If you are an information or data based company that relies heavily on computers, or a services company that only goes online to check enquiries, a practical disaster recovery solution is something that should be adopted by any company, large or small in any industry sector.

If you are a newly formed enterprise, chances are that everything is a new experience for you and a steep learning curve. But this is also ideal, as you have not formed potential bad habits or practices within your business. The same is said with disaster recovery, some organisations often hesitate to adopt new technologies due to their fears of moving from a familiar, to something better, more efficient and cost effective.

The risk to business continuity increases dramatically when you have a number of people with personal computers, and with a reliance of many computer based software, it is often central and business critical.

Our aim is to help businesses continue to operate as usual in the event of any event, minimising the down time for business critical systems, using a company that specialise in disaster recovery for a number of different types of businesses is key in restoring your key data when you need it.

Using an out-dated, or simply weak business continuity plan can often be a weakness that can cause damage to work business in the long run if not addressed.

Business continuity allows you to rollover, not fall over. We tailor each solution in line with clients IT requirements address your commercial priorities with scheduled disaster testing to ensure system availability.

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