Oncore IT News - 17 March 2014

Disaster Recovery Solutions for Your Office Space

If you’re an organisation working with sensitive or private data or a company that relies on your IT infrastructure for the day to day running of your business, have you set up a disaster recovery plan? Oncore IT ensures that businesses continue to operate as usual in the unfortunate event of a disaster in business, even as they recover from local machine or complete site failures.

We understand the reliance on converged IT and telecoms infrastructure for IT based enterprises, here at Oncore IT we work to create business continuity plans and infrastructure recovery solutions so that your systems are available to your company no matter what happens to your IT work space.

Companies cannot always avoid disasters, with practical solutions and effective planning, downtime and data loss vital can be minimised.

Tailored to Your Requirements

Each one of the clients that we have worked with have had different IT requirements, we tailor each business continuity service to address your priorities and critical systems, from a small office environment through to a larger office infrastructure.

Online Data Backup

Oncore IT offers data back-up solutions that are highly secure, using a best-in-class technology platform so you can safeguard your critical business data against detrimental damage or loss. Online data solutions offer a practical contingency for disaster recovery. Using cloud based online data back-up options ensures;

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