Oncore IT News - 25 September 2014

Expected Increase for Cloud in the Education Sector

Following on from a post written back in June, discussing cloud computing in education we investigate further into this trend – looking into recent reports outlining the potential future for this and the value that this can offer to the industry as well as enhancing the learnability for our current generation of children and students.

In part there have been some cloud-based technologies adopted by institutions, a lot of universities in the UK already use third party learning management systems such as Blackboards to aid in the learning for students as having a central point to communicate or post relevant information. But there is so much more potential that can be harnessed for all areas of cloud computing.

Often coined as ‘smart classrooms’, the ability to adopt current technology into the classroom is here, but typically the average school uses cloud services for basic cloud solutions such as data storage and backup of data. The potential for encompassing all areas of the cloud is enormous.

A recent report from MarketsandMarkets – Cloud Computing in Education discuss how the market could be worth over $12 billion by 2019. Some of the factors that can be a big persuader for schools and colleges is the number of benefits that this could offer, including reducing costs, and time for all teachers, administrative staff and the students.

It can also aid in the problems and costs associated with maintaining hardware and software requirements, giving the institutions the opportunity to only pay what they use for. This flexibility and enhanced scalability can open up larger opportunities for people to learn across a larger community.

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