Oncore IT News - 08 July 2012

Focusing on the outcome customer‘s will value because that’s where they will find the ROI

Focusing on the outcome customer‘s will value because that’s where they will find the ROI.

It’s difficult or even wrong in my opinion to attempt measure ROI retrospectively unless you have clearly defined your expectations upfront. I was recently in Canada, Toronto in fact attending the Asigra Cloud Backup Partner summit and was delighted to be present for a keynote address by Gartner’s Research VP Tiffani Bova and to briefly meet her afterwards. If you’ve had the pleasure of hearing or meeting Tiffani then you will understand what I mean when I say “my thinking was changed”.

As a Marketer of an IT outsourcing company I had made the cardinal error of thinking that it was all about the technology sold rather than on focussing on the reason why people buy and the outcome they wish to achieve through that purchase. Buying normally boils down to one of two things which are either the creation of pleasure or the avoidance of pain.

For example, when you are in the park and you buy an ice-cream cone for your son or daughter (three daughters in my case) do you stop and say “oh my, that ice-cream is £5, that’s expensive” no you don’t. You already know for the next ten minutes that the child will smile be delight in the pleasure created. In the same way paying £100 for travel insurance may seem steep. However making sure you’re safe from the cost of medical expenses should something go wrong on your skiing holiday seems like a very cost effective method of avoiding pain.

So how could I translate my new thinking and expressing it as a return of my client’s investment? The answer is simple and an absolute….Get the client to visualize their expectation upfront! Even more simple put, help the client to rationalize why they are investing and work that through with them, helping  them to understand why they are spending and what they want to get back.

In real terms, if your client understands that they need to make more protect and securely Backup their Data and their current methodology  is inhibiting that objective then the leveraging the impact your service in terms of ROI starts to make sense. It’s then about the clients integrated experience with you that helps them their problems go away.

Now I can hear you saying “that all sounds fine but my clients are only interested in price”, well if that’s the case I suggest you take a piece of advice that made me take notice…Forget them, after all you will run around like a headless chicken for them working your socks off. Now you can do that if you wish, but highly likely you will be dumped by them the next time a vendor cheaper comes along. Oh and by the way, whilst you’re chasing after those clients, someone else will be getting ahead of you doing business with clients that value you.

I mentioned earlier I had made the cardinal error of thinking that my clients were interested in the technology my company offered and how I had come to this conclusion. Well clients are no more interested in my technology offering than my daughters are in how the ice cream is made…..they know it tastes good!

My thinking really has changed and so has my marketing perspective with the business now focussing on the outcome my customer‘s will value because that’s where they will find the ROI.

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