Oncore IT News - 24 May 2012

Getting Cloud Computing Right

In the rush to embrace the benefits of the cloud, many service providers may leave you hanging in mid air.

Why are we all talking about ‘Clouds’ these days? Apparently, the story goes, when the Internet started to take off, technologists found the easiest shorthand for the complexity of that ‘network of networks’ was literally to draw a fuzzy shape that was meant to mean ‘all the bits in the middle’.How times have changed. In its predictions for the top ten trends CIOs need to plan for in 2012, leading IT market analysts Gartner  term the concept ‘a disruptive force [which] has the potential for broad long-term impact in most industries’. In June, fellow research firm IDC
estimated that spending on public IT Cloud services, just one aspect of the phenomenon, will expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.6%, from $21.5 billion in 2010 to reach no less than $72.9 billion in 2015 .
Clearly, the market is buzzing with interest and activity around the trend. We said times have changed… but then, have they really? For many decision makers face real confusion working out their best ways forward vis-à-vis Cloud. Suppliers will tell you this is a no-brainer, do-it-tomorrow type move, flinging apparently
solid facts about cost savings, reduced capital expenditure to easier to manage operational expenditure and what have you at customers.But the fact is – Cloud is nothing radically ‘new’ and if a marketer tries to tell you it solves all your problems, alarm bells should ring. Cloud is fundamentally about using Internetbased technologies to reduce in-house ICT management. But in actual practice, that can
range from familiar managed service or hosting solutions all the way to full outsourcing.

So yes, moving to the Cloud model can potentially offer cost savings combined with
increased IT agility. The adoption of this technology platform is an intelligent response to economic constraints: it also unlocks the opportunity to gain access to considerably more robust, secure and higher performing infrastructure than the purchaser could expect to acquire when compared to traditional non Cloud routes, but it would be frankly irresponsible to jump into the Cloud without knowing exactly what you are committing to. Doing so really would be ‘having your head in the Cloud’.

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