Oncore IT News - 07 June 2020

How to collaborate when your team is working remotely

Microsoft Teams is helping businesses adapt to the new way of working

We’ve all become accustomed to the new normal. Businesses were quick to adapt and adopt collaboration solutions to enable their employees to work safely from home.

For many businesses, especially those working in high-trust, compliance heavy industries, this is the first time remote working has been implemented on this scale. It might have been discussed as part of long-term digital transformation plans but many organisations have had to suddenly adjust to a different way of working.

Microsoft Teams was launched in 2016 but the recent lockdown has seen its popularity skyrocket, in part due to its seamless integration with Office 365 and the upcoming retirement of Skype for Business.

Combined with Office 365, Microsoft Teams enables businesses to replicate the office environment and encourage collaboration whilst using familiar Microsoft tools. With all information centrally located in the cloud it’s easy to share and communicate with the wider team.

Communicate with colleagues

Communication has always been important but it becomes vital during this time of extended remote working. Messaging tools provide a way to quickly check-in with colleagues.

One of the most missed elements of office working is the ability to pop over to someone’s desk to chat through an idea, or to hold a sudden meeting to work together to solve an issue.

Although video conferencing has been around for a while, many were still reluctant to use it until recently. With improved video quality and connectivity, video conferencing helps teams stay in touch and communicate better when compared to a faceless telephone conference.

Remote working can feel isolating for some so it’s important to schedule social calls as well as work calls, so that colleagues can catch up like they would after work or in the office. Virtual tea breaks have become very popular and are a great way to have a quick catch-up like you would in the office.

Collaborate on projects remotely

Microsoft Teams enables everyone to access, share and edit documents from Microsoft’s Office suite including Word, PowerPoint and Excel. With information stored centrally in a cloud, all company information is held securely and is easily accessible to the whole team.

For a team adjusting to new working routines and solutions, having a system that integrates with existing tools can ease the transition. Nobody likes having to learn too many new things at once!

With additional network endpoints, many businesses are understandably concerned about the security risk of providing access to company data outside of the business network. If you have any concerns about your data being held in the cloud, Microsoft has outlined its commitment to privacy and security on its website.

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