Oncore IT News - 18 November 2014

Leading Partners for Oncore

We work with best-in-class technologoies at Oncore IT, using brands that are experts in the field gives us the opportunity to work with some of the best and latest technology in the business.

Asigra use award-winning software which delivers reliability manageability and maximum security. They ensure that companies get back up and running key systems quickly and reliably after the event of data loss.

Asigra have won industry awards and accolades from industry leading publications and was recently named “Product of the Year” by Storage Magazine. They also have strategic alliances with companies such as Cisco, CSP Community, IBM and Intel.

In the past Asigra has been one of the first organisations in the market with a vast amount of data protection technologies that are now standard in disaster recovery strategies for many businesses.

Oncore IT have been a proud partner of Asigra since 2003 and in recognition of its online backup services has been awarded the Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM) Award by Asigra. View here for more information about our work with Oncore partners.

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