Oncore IT News - 22 October 2014

Legal Firms and The Cloud

In a recent post reviewing the clients that we’ve worked with within the financial services industry here at Oncore IT, we review our work with UK based legal firms looking at the key components and features that Oncore have provided them and how this has had a positive impact on these organisations.

Chambers & Partners

Chambers and Partners and its team of highly qualified researchers identify and rank the world’s best lawyers and law firms based on in-depth, objective research and produce a series of directories. Their IT infrastructure is located onsite at the London office – containing key systems essential for the day-to-day operation of the business. This is something that worked for them, but required a more practical solution for disaster recovery.

Chambers & Partners outsourced services such as cloud backup and disaster recovery to better aid the security and rigidity of key systems and business critical information, using the services of Oncore IT. The business relationship continues, with over four years working alongside Chambers & Partners the need for disaster recovery has not yet been required, but is a practical contingency for them – giving them a flexible restore policy that would help reinstate servers physically or virtually.

Bedford Rows Chambers

With an ongoing relationship that has lasted over 8 years, 29 Bedford Row is one of the foremost family law barristers’ chambers in the country. The firm decided to outsource all of its IT infrastructure, implementing cloud technology and completely replacing their original systems that were in place.

Oncore IT provide a single fixed annual fee for services, containing this fixed fee has provided a much easier solution, having a one-stop-shop for all IT services instead of working alongside different organisations for different service – centralising all IT systems. The move to a digital environment over traditional paper based forms was a positive move for the company, originally using tape-based back-up solutions which was proving unreliable with potential inconsistent security flaws in the system.

The services provided by Oncore IT include PReSS, a remote network monitoring system that provides continuous and proactive system monitoring, fault identification, alerting and resolution services 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Alongside these cloud services Oncore provide key managed services such as Internet connectivity, email filtering Microsoft Office & Exchange software. With this they use an Asigra based online backup service– giving a much easier quicker and safer way to store data, on top of this a full disaster recovery service is provided.

This use of technology is considered one of the leading and advanced systems within the chambers community, indicating a significant step forward for the firm within the industry.

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