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Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi Data Systems turns business data into business opportunity.

For the world's most information-driven industries, Hitachi Data Systems is a game changer.

Every day top global corporations, including over 80% of Fortune Global 100 companies, use our integrated solutions to transform mountains of data into useful insights that drive real innovation. As their needs grow, our solutions scale to meet them. As new challenges arise, our solutions adapt to overcome them. It’s a partnership that yields ongoing results.

Neill Burton, HDS’ UK vice president of channels and alliances, explains,

“We’re very excited to partner with Oncore IT who add real value given their knowledge of key markets where we lack track record, as well as operating a business model we don’t – namely Cloud delivery which allow SMBs to access HDS enterprise-class technology as a service rather than buying and owning the assets.”

Information has become our most valuable asset. The challenge for global businesses lies in making information both available and secure. Hitachi Data Systems solutions help organisations transform raw data into valuable information by delivering on a vision that IT must be virtualised, automated, cloud ready and sustainable. Data drives our world — and information is the new currency.

Solutions from Hitachi Data Systems help organisations transform their data centre’s into information centre’s that can quickly deliver capacity and compute resources, increase IT staff productivity while improving data access and operating expense, and enable pay-per-use, multi-tenancy storage services. View our related blog post Hitachi Data Systems powers Oncore IT Cloud services in the UK as it broadens sales focus to target SMBs.

At the same time, these solutions maintain enterprise-class security and privacy and achieve energy efficiency without compromising the reliability and availability of the infrastructure. At the heart is a virtualised platform for all data with the ability to manage multivendor environments.

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