Oncore IT News - 17 January 2019

Public or private, which cloud solution for your business?

IDC revealed that the first quarter of 2018 saw public and private cloud revenues reach 46.1% of worldwide IT infrastructure spending and the analyst firm predicts spending on the cloud will reach $77.7 billion by 2022.

Cloud migration shows no signs of slowing down and as organisations continue to grow thanks to the power of technology, more and more companies are conscious that their IT infrastructure must be able to scale with their success.

Times have changed over the last ten years and the cloud itself has evolved, but which option is right for your business needs in today’s current climate – public or private? Hybrid?

Going public

Nowadays, far more companies trust the public cloud with a significant proportion of their IT and application estate.

And rightfully so as public cloud offers a host of benefits – quick and easy scalability, more flexibility, the ability to increase or decrease capacity as and when you need it, a lower financial burden, and impressive security and reliability.

The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) approach of the public cloud also provides a manageable subscription pricing model for many companies by eliminating the initial upfront costs of designing your own cloud environment.

Furthermore, handing over your cloud to an experienced third party provider also frees up your IT department’s time to focus on tasks that will benefit your bottom line.

Keeping it private

Private cloud is still right for some and it really depends on your sector, business objectives, regulatory requirements and legacy infrastructure.

Private cloud environments are especially beneficial if you operate in an industry that requires you to be compliant with multiple data regulations and access rights. Financial services, legal, healthcare to name some examples.

Within the context of data storage, rather than relinquishing your data to the public internet, everything stays within your control. If your business handles sensitive information then a private cloud service provides a secure environment that only your organisation has access to.

Best of both worlds

In many cases, because organisations have the need for both of the above services, a large proportion of companies are adopting a hybrid approach to the cloud.

No two businesses are the same and a hybrid approach offers a more customised solution that can flex and adapt to your requirements.

Using a private cloud to store sensitive company information and high-performance applications and opting for a public cloud for projects that require more storage flexibility, provides you with a winning combination.

There will always be elements of your business that change at short notice and this is when the public cloud is helpful. For long-term data that is unlikely to change and needs to be secure, a private cloud works best.

Naturally the vast array of permutations can be confusing which is why we help design bespoke solutions for our clients. Get in touch to find out how we can help deliver the best solution for your business needs.

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