Oncore IT News - 16 September 2014

Recovering Your Business from a Disaster

If your business has experienced a situation or attack that was unforeseen, the benefit of hindsight may make you wish that your company had a business continuity plan in place to protect your business critical data and systems. Think and plan for ahead now to reduce any downtime spent your employees, and plan for any potential disaster with practical backup solution.

Oncore IT have created bespoke infrastructure solutions for businesses within a wide range of sectors including financial, legal and professional services and we know how crucial and imperative it is to keep your business data as safe as possible, whilst meeting regulatory compliance commitments.

Having an insufficient business continuity can create operational risks and can leave companies vulnerable in the event of an incident. Oncore IT’s solutions offer access to IT systems through proven remote access SSL VPN technology.

How is this Done?

Our business continuity solutions are tailored to individual businesses, based on your unique specification. This includes scheduled testing throughout the service contract. We offer supporting IT solutions with a service level agreements which outlines clear times and contingencies for when the worst happens to your business, minimising downtime as much as possible.

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