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File Sync and Share

An enterprise-grade alternative to consumer cloud applications, utilising private cloud infrastructure and providing end-to-end security.

Managed via a secure portal, our solution enables businesses to set up file share and sync services for users based on a variety of object storage platforms.

The dispersed workforce of today need to share information rapidly and efficiently. Enterprise users have become used to the ease of cloud hosted file sync and share (FSS) applications such as Dropbox and are looking for a simple, easy way to share files in their business environment.

Our file sync and share solution can be used as:

  • An FTP alternative and means for large file transfers
  • Secure file access for BYOD users
  • Shared team workspaces
  • File syndication

Integration with Active Directory LDAP

Use your existing Active Directory or LDAP directory services for identity management and user authentication to avoid duplication, ensure rapid deployment and maintain role-based access privileges. AD groups can also be leveraged to determine user privileges for creating shared project folders.

Folder Synchronisation

Access to the cloud is not always guaranteed and at times may be slow. With folder sync, user files are automatically synchronised between tdevices, keeping files accessible and maintaining version control.

Project Team Collaboration

Our file sync and share solution from OnData enables users to set up joint cloud storage workspaces for collaborating with colleagues.

Features include:

  • Define read/write privileges and time-limited access
  • Bi-directional synchronisation of folders
  • One-way synchronisation for file syndication
  • Conflict resolution in case of divergent file versions
  • Ad-hoc sharing using time limited invitation URLs
  • Role-based privileges to allow users to create shared project folders


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File Sync and Share
at a glance...

  • Secure, private, "Dropbox-like" functionality
  • Sync, collaborate and share
  • Enterprise identity management and user authentication
  • Full revisioning / version control

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