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Managed bandwidth

Highly available, low latency, robust internet connectivity with multiple fibre transport paths.

Our advanced network design of multiple connections to the largest Tier 1 internet provider enables you to deliver business critical applications at an affordable price point, backed by our robust service level agreements.

Our managed bandwidth model provides customers with three distinct advantages over our competition:

  • When an individual internet provider experiences an issue, our sophisticated routing technology can route around the trouble spots, reducing the impact on customer operations.
  • Traffic is optimised to follow the shortest path to its destination, reducing the amount of time to reach its intended recipient.
  • Best overall performance, as packets have many different connections to choose from.

The Oncore IT Layer2 Network interconnects each of our secondary and tertiary data centres, facilitating a customer’s multi-site and replication requirements.

Layer 2 connectivity is available to customers at a fraction of the cost of a traditional point-to-point network connection.


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Managed bandwidth
at a glance...

  • Multiple connections
  • Low latency
  • Sophisticated multi-path routing
  • Tiered service level agreements

IT support services

IT support is a key part of our business and a major requirement of any organisation.

Our UK based team provide the highest level of support and are on hand whenever you need assistance. Our flexible service level agreements can be tailored to provide exactly the response and support your business needs.

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