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Disaster Recovery for Business

As organisations become more dependent upon IT and their data the risk to business continuity increases dramatically.

Businesses are becoming equally dependent on virtualisation software for their critical data

Oncore IT ensures that businesses continue to operate as usual, even as they recover from local machine or complete site failures. Using a company that specialises in IT disaster recovery is key to restoring your vital data when you need it and minimising the downtime of critical systems.

Oncore IT works to create business continuity plans and infrastructure solutions to ensure your systems are always available:

  • Remote access SSL VPN technology so people can continue to work as normal
  • Recovery and access to select business data so staff can work unimpeded
  • Alternative fully-equipped office space working.

If the worst happens, we ensure you recover from any disaster scenario and stay in business.

Each client situation and IT requirement is different and we tailor our business continuity service to address your commercial priorities with seamless transition in response to an event:

  • We undertake comprehensive disaster testing in the first year of any contract
  • We fully document our recommendations and plans
  • We provide scheduled testing throughout any managed service contract

Our concrete service level agreements give you absolute clarity about the response times and deliverables so that disasters don’t need to be disastrous.

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Disaster Recovery for Business
at a glance...

  • Ensure system availability
  • Comprehensive disaster testing
  • Reduce operational risk
  • Meet regulatory compliance commitments

IT support services

IT support is a key part of our business and a major requirement of any organisation.

Our UK based team provide the highest level of support and are on hand whenever you need assistance. Our flexible service level agreements can be tailored to provide exactly the response and support your business needs.

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