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SSL-VPN Secure Remote Working

Providing a flexible and secure remote working and disaster recovery option

Oncore IT’s SSL-VPN service enables your remote workers to securely access your network Using an industry-standard set of security features, only authorised users are allowed access to your company’s internal network from the public internet.

Oncore IT SSL-VPN gives you:

  • Immediate notification on unauthorised attempts to access your network.
  • Secure Network Access using two-factor authentication, password and encryption technology. This guarantees a high level of security, while providing your remote workers with the freedom to access the network from disparate locations.
  • Simplified Remote Access Administration by having one standard method of connecting to the network.

Key Service Features

Advanced Password Protection – a two-factor authentication device (TFA ‘key fob’ device) replaces the use of static, weak, or easily cracked passwords. The device’s event-based system generates a ‘onetime’ password that changes each time a user logs on.

Encrypted Data – the SSL-VPN secure service encrypts data prior to transmission to the remote client network.

Configuration – the service is configured with your company’s unique credentials to enable secure virtual private network (VPN) connections to your network. The path through to your network will be protected using strong authentication hardware firewalls.

Oncore IT Support Desk – your system will receive continuous 24/7/365 remote monitoring, fault detection and alerts, tracking any faults until their complete resolution. You can create additional users, remove or amend existing users and request lost TFA device replacements.

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SSL-VPN Secure Remote Working
at a glance...

  • Secure remote working and access to your network
  • Enable remote working and file sharing
  • Provision for disaster recovery or site access issues
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Remote network monitoring and intruder attempt detection
  • Add or remove users easily

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