Oncore IT News - 14 May 2014

Transform the Way you Back-up Data

Oncore’s recovery solutions give the flexibility to recover crucial data from anywhere on the planet – given you have a stable internet connection. Cloud solutions such as back-up services and recovery is a contingency that can’t be ignored if you are in charge of a large company, with a huge wealth of historical data and current systems for the day to day running of the business.

Time is Money

The over obvious statement that ‘time is money’ is a given for any organisation, but when using an IT infrastructure that is rather large, on a dated system, the main problem if some data based catastrophe happens is down-time. When all components that help your company run efficiently grind to a halt, not only are your staff standing around ready to get on with the days tasks, your clients personal details may be at risk. Time is money, and minimising the down-time as much as possible, cloud solutions from companies such as Asigra can save your organisation money cutting time from 7 days to less than 1 and more important help reduce the impact to your company brand and reputation.

Best in Class Tech

Powered by Asigra

When trying to pick a cloud service provider, it can often be a daunting task, we know that there are a lot of companies within the sector that offer apparently similar services, but in reality some can offer second rate or worse technologies behind the scenes. Using best-in-class technology from large and well established companies is one of the components of a successful long-term partnership with clients. Asigra is one of the leading cloud software vendors, with a strong history within the back-up and restoration sectors of IT, and manages one of the biggest business-class back-up recovery systems in the world, which makes it a logical decision to use their tech for our services.

Join the Flock

For any sensible decision maker, from an IT manager through to a director of a large company, the balance of cost vs. benefits makes cloud based solutions an often sure fired winner when looking at the figure on the balance sheet, but for some the idea of the cloud may still seem like a fad or a little bit of a fantasy ideal. The reality is there are very secure and very practical resolutions that offer a stable solution that is not a radically new idea; the industry has had years to perfect the cloud making it now a trending way forward for large organisations, medium enterprises and small businesses. Moving from a traditional tape-based backup, or for some new exceptions, no back-up contingency at all.

All in One, Scalable, Flexible and More

Clients have commented on some of the factors that they have valued working with us as a cloud service provider and some of the values that cloud services offer over traditional systems.

Increased scalability and IT agility and offering the capacity and capability to expand if required, given the constant need and growth of organisations for larger storage of data. Offering additional bread and butter services such as email management, network monitoring and disaster recovery are additional services that clients often like to add due to the ease of outsourcing to only one company.

Whether you are persuaded about the stability of cloud solutions for your business or not convinced by the staggering increase and range of companies joining this type of technology, consider some of the core values: security, cost and practicality. The cost compared to traditional methods are comparatively low, the security can far out perform older systems, and cloud based services offer the practicality and flexibility to expand and adapt to your needs and specification.


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