Oncore IT News - 02 September 2020

Virtual Desktop enables secure remote working

With much of the business world committed to home working for the foreseeable future, organisations are having to adapt their IT so that people can work productively without compromising data security or control.

A hybrid working setup will likely become the best option for many in the future, blending a central office environment with permanent remote workers and those wanting a mix of both.

Virtual Desktop is the ideal solution for every model of work, though in particular when a business operates blended working. Virtual Desktop solutions deliver a host of benefits across three key areas – stronger security, operational efficiencies and a seamless user experience.

Protect Your Data

With Virtual Desktop, data is held in secure data centres rather than on a local device. This significantly reduces the risk of being compromised as users can be prevented from moving data off the network. Other security advantages include:

Business needs change over time, which is why it’s important for you to have the ability to flex your IT quickly. Not only does Virtual Desktop simplify IT and workstation management, but solutions enable businesses to reduce IT administration expenditure, scale up and down to react to internal and external changes, and reduce costs through simpler licensing. 

Remote Desktop deployments can be retired too, delivering additional cost savings, while older hardware incapable of running Windows 10 can be retained, delivering even greater return on investment.

Ultimately, Virtual Desktop allows end-users to work from anywhere on any device with the full Windows 10 desktop experience. Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, in-browser – the experience is always the same, constantly updated, and secure. 

This freedom is vital in today’s world and will become even more important as time goes on. Contact us to discover how Virtual Desktop can help your business.

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