Oncore IT News - 12 August 2014

What’s All the Fuss About the Cloud?

When it comes to discussing all of the benefits and drawbacks of cloud computing, here at Oncore IT we may be a little biased as this is what we do. But breaking it down to the core decisions that businesses make when moving to cloud based services, which is shared by large multinationals, or a small medium enterprise it comes down to the basic ingredients.


Looking at a long-term plan, the requirement over time to reduce total IT spend seems ideal, whether it’s trimming down the department or really accessing the overheads. IT maintenance, hardware and software are a constant for most companies working B2B or B2C. Although the initial move to cloud technologies may not seem like an initial cost save, over time and after the initial transition, a traditional IT department and staffing numbers could become almost obsolete.

Planning for the Future

Thinking ahead is the ability that all companies try and adopt when looking into new technologies, this could be getting with the times and bringing systems up to date with technological trends to make everything work a little better.

On the other hand, when it comes to looking ahead for the future and benefit of the company the idea of growing and expanding, as well as the need to cut back and downscale. Cloud computing solutions offer a flexible and scalable option, catering for both growing or shrinking companies that desire a change in resource.

Contingency Plan – Check

A contingency plan or disaster recovery scenario is an important consideration for large or small businesses, whether dealing with large amounts of data or basic client details, losing business critical data can create headaches especially if the data has been collected over a long period of time and is business critical. Cloud based options have the ability to minimise downtime, as well as keeping your business critical data safe off-site in case of any natural disasters such as flooding in your head office.

 On the Move, or at the Office?

Business to some degree has evolved during the latest technological era, meaning that we are constantly connected to the world around us through an internet connection, most often on the mobile a tablet or desktop. With this comes the opportunity to make best use of times when away from the office, perhaps a 2 hour commute to a meeting, or over the weekend from your home-office, the cloud has enabled an anytime anywhere approach to working. Making it easier for employees or directors to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

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